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Technical Article:
Top Search Engines, what's the difference?

What's the difference in the top Search Engines (Yahoo!, Excite, Lycos and the like) if they list the same sites as the top or preferred listings? Not much!

At the time this article was written (4/13/03) we performed a search on the 3 search engines mentioned above for the keyword 'car' and here are the first links that we found on all 3 search engines:

Let's not jump to conclusions, Yahoo! and Lycos do have a disclaimer indicating these are sponsored links - advertisements thrown in your face! Although these links are Big and Bold -their disclaimer is faint in color.Excite however has them listed as if they were found in their own database, I didn't try to find a disclaimer.

The point is that ultimately most of the top Search Engines have the same content. Would I invest my money in a Search Engine at this time? I think SPAM mail has a better ROI - but who want's to stoop that low? is behind all this. They have some basic technology to accomplish a 'pay per click' scheme (this is the next article to be published on, we're simply amazed that Yahoo! and the like need to use's services instead of creating their own infrastructure. Yahoo! can enter the real estate market but they can't control their own content/advertisments?

Our search engine of choice - Google

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Top Search Engines:
-what's the difference?

Pay for Submission:
-is it worth it?
Pay per Click:
-how much is it worth?
..coming soon

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