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BuildaCOM Online Inc. is based in New York City. Our specialty is Rapid Deployment, if you have a project and need it turned around as quick as possible you've came to the right place. We'll design your web application from the ground up, from layout, graphics, backend database, to credit card systems - give us the specs and we'll do the rest.

Use our 'request a quote' link and we'll get a quote to you within 24 hours, if not less.

We have a host of websites that you can lease from us for a nominal monthly fee. A minimal setup fee will get you your own '.com' fully customized to your needs. Browse the Business Opportunity section below to learn more.

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Business Opportunities (Rapid Deployment)

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"The traffic on the Internet is doubling every hundred days ...
electronic commerce will grow to $300 billion a year by 2002."
-USA Today April, 16 1998 (page 1A)
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