Bugalyzer Bug Tracking Tool

Description: Bugalyzer was written for software and web developers to track bugs in
their application. It was written to be customer friendly, lightweight and extremely fast.

If you're looking for a quick solution for your customers to submit bugs to you without
having to send you dozens of emails and multiple spreadsheets (impossible to manage) then
Bugalyzer is for you. It takes all about 2 minutes to install and configure - and best of all -
your clients will be impressed that you are on top of things!

Bugalyzer integrates seemlesly with a template, it takes just seconds to integrate
into your website and it's simple. Boost your clients confidence in you now!

Integration Process:

Dont have a template or a website? Simply rename bugalizer.php to index.php and your good to go!

Bugalyzer Source : DOWNLOAD


DEMO <- click here

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